Thursday, April 14, 2011

Green Dry Cleaning

April 14, 2011
While Nibs hung out with his pal Edward, Teddy got some serious work done! Yesterday she went to the dry cleaners, can you believe it?
Teddy's dry cleaning shop, Mitage Cleaners on Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles, is completely green, as in they don't use chemicals that are harmful to the environment.
 They are full service and even have a tailoring department, you know, to adjust Nibs' new bowties just so...
The guy who works there is pretty nice too. He says he likes having bears as customers because they're friendly. Teddy always fills him in on her matchmaking efforts and what's new with her friends.
Mitage Cleaners also cleans and stores wedding dresses. This will be great for Fopsie after she's worn her wedding dress on May 7. Can you believe that her wedding is less than a month away? And Kate Middleton's is in two weeks? My how time flies.

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  1. I bet Teddy also likes this dry cleaner because of those nice bags with cute bows.