Thursday, April 28, 2011

Menchie's Break

April 28, 2010
There was so much on Teddy's mind yesterday--Felicia's flirtation with Edward, the Royal Wedding that takes place on Friday--that this bear had to take a time out. So she headed to Menchie's in Beverly Hills for some frozen yogurt.
It wasn't a bad idea either. With temperatures hovering around 90 degrees all day, Teddy needed something to cool her down. She loves how at Menchie's she can fill her own cup just the way she wants.
Teddy loaded up on vanilla and strawberry/kiwi flavors with chocolate Jimmies for a topping. To Teddy, this is a healthy meal.
Before she left the small green and pink store she took one last look at the toppings. Should she bring Nibs a treat home? Or should she take another yogurt home for herself for later? Decisions, decisions.