Monday, March 14, 2011

Emily Maynard's Neil Lane Engagement Ring

March 14, 2011
Brad Womack proposed to Southern Belle Emily Maynard with a gorgeous diamond Neil Lane engagement ring and Teddy has the photo to show "y'all," to use one of Emily's favorite words.
Wow, that's a beauty of a ring, even by Teddy's high standards. She's impressed. Lucky Emily (and poooooor Chantal O'Brien!!!).
It was a lovely proposal, don't you think? Brad seems to honestly, truly be in love with the single mother from North Carolina. That's "huge," to use one of Brad's favorite words.
Look later for Teddy's comments on The Bachelor: After The Final Rose special.


  1. Here's an even better look at Emily's ring
    costs $50,000

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  3. William, u just made Teddy's day!!! thank you