Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ashley Hebert Is The Next Bachelorette

March 8, 2011
Last night's The Bachelor: The Women Tell All was full of barbs and tears as the girls faced Brad Womack for the last time.
Brad told host Chris Harrison that he's "in love" (reportedly with Southern cupcake Emily Maynard) and happier than ever (even Nibs tuned in for a while!).
Michelle Money, the crazy single mother who said she wanted Chantal O'Brien to be attacked by monkeys, took a verbal beating from the other contestants, being called a "spider" and "creepy." Many tears rolled.
The most interesting thing about the night was how much screen time Philadelphia dental student Ashley Hebert, 26, received. With a new brunette hair color and Christina Aguilera-hue lip stick to boot, she was the charmer of the night. Teddy heard from her "source" Fopsie that Ashley is the next Bachelorette and it'll be announced at the After the Final Rose ceremony next week!
And, yes, there's more! It was also hinted that loopy Vienna Girardi from Jake Pavelka's Bachelor may star on this summer's Bachelor Pad. Run for the hills! Teddy can't handle more Vienna meltdowns and manipulations.... can you?
What did you think of the Women Tell All? Were the other gals too mean to Michelle? Was Michelle crying crocodile tears? Will Ashley make a good Bachelorette? Do you want more Vienna?


  1. I think Ashlelywould be great as the bachelorette. She was one of my favorites on the show beside Emily. I think Vienna deserves to find love, she got a bad deal with Jake. I am really not a fan of WTA, but I always seem to watch it. There always seems like there has to be on one woman on the show that everyone hates, it makes for good TV.
    Can't wait until next week. I hope Brad does pick Emily.

  2. Emily is gorgeous and has an adorable daughter, but I liked Chantal O'Brien. Too bad Chantal doesn't want to be the Bachelorette.