Monday, March 14, 2011

Emily Maynard Is Engaged!

March 14, 2011
Tonight is the big night when Brad Womack proposes to Emily Maynard with a $90,000 Neil Lane diamond eternity engagement ring on The Bachelor. What does their future hold for them?
Emily will be moving from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Austin, Texas, where Brad owns several bars. She and Brad--who currently lives in a small condo--will be looking at bigger houses where they can raise her daughter Ricki together (that's little Ricki below in her old room in NC).
Let's hope Emily clicked with Brad's family (on tonight's episode of The Bachelor she meets Brad's family for the first time in Cape Town, Africa. He has a twin brother named Chad. Wonder if that gets confusing).
Does this mean that Ricky Hendrick's family will stop supporting Emily now? Teddy heard that they paid for everything because Emily became pregnant with the Nascar legend's daughter just before he died in a plane crash.
Also, will Brad and Emily's chemistry still be hot? After all, Brad isn't used to being with the same woman for long. Teddy's pal in Austin says he's known for being a real "playboy," she used that exact word. Let's hope he can be faithful to Emily. He's almost 40. It's time to settle down!
Teddy already saw a preview of tonight's episode. Emily and Brad do a lot of smooching. It's so obvious that he's in love with her and not runner up Chantal O'Brien. Too bad. Teddy really liked Chantal, who seemed so genuine. To get an idea of what Emily's engagement ring looks like go to:

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