Friday, July 30, 2010

Bearfoot In The Park

July 30, 2010
Second date! Fopsie joined her new beau Edward in the park for a casual picnic.
Edward talked about his favorite movies (The Natural, Bull Durham) as they sipped lemonade and nibbled on grapes.
Fops talked about her upbringing in Santa Barbara and how Teddy is a sugaraholic (shhh, don't tell Teddy, she'll get mad!)
The date went well. Fopsie can't believe how lucky she is to have met a nice guy like Edward in this crazy city called Los Angeles! She will have to thank Nibs the next time she sees him.


  1. Bearfoot in the Park is a play on Barefoot in the Park, that Robert Redford/Jane Fonda classic!

  2. Nibs is such a good bear! He is nice to everyone - Fopsie has a good friend in Nibs.

  3. yup, Nibs is a good guy. He has a lot of PATIENCE!