Monday, August 2, 2010


August 2, 2010
This morning Fopsie got a call from Edward. He said they needed to "talk" (gulp!) and invited her over for breakfast in his back yard.
Fopsie enjoyed the Italian Roast coffee and French bread with French jam and country style butter.
But the enjoyment didn't last long. Edward broke some bad news to Fops: his company was relocating him to Hong Kong. (Hong Kong!? That's like a million miles away!)
Edward then surprised Fops even more. He asked her to come with him! "I know we haven't been acquainted for long, but I already know you're the one!" said Edward.
Fops then broke down in tears and said she wanted to go but couldn't leave her ailing mother in Los Angeles.
Edward then gave the tearful Fops a hug and said he would always remember her. Poor Fops. This dating this has been awfully hard on her. First Mr. Brown had a girlfriend now Edward has to skip town!


  1. What should Fopsie do? Go to Hong Kong? Or stay in L.A.? Did she make the right decision?

  2. Poor Fopsie! That photo of her breaking down brought tears to my eyes.

    Such bad timing but I think she made the right decision. Her mother needs her. This shows that Fopsie is a loving daughter and a selfless bear.

  3. This is tragic! If they're really meant for one another, then can't something be done? Could Edward turn down the relocation? What about Fopsie's mom? Does she really need Fopsie nearby 24/7? Wouldn't she want Fopsie to pursue love? (Or, is she really that ailing?) What a dilemma!