Thursday, August 5, 2010

Postcard From England

August 5, 2010
Teddy noticed an unusual postcard when she was sifting through her mail this morning.
 It MUST be from across the pond, thought Teddy.
Yup, she was right. The stamp was from merry old England.
The card was from Teddy's cousin Herbert. Hmmm. She hasn't heard from him in years!
Turns out he's moving from his flat in London to just up the street in Beverly Hills. Oh boy! What excellent news. Teddy wondered if he was single these days and if perhaps he could be good boyfriend material for Fopsie!!! (Teddy truly has the mind of a matchmaker.)


  1. Should Teddy stop matchmaking? After all, she and Nibs have set Fopsie up with two bears that didn't come thru...

  2. Matchmaking takes patience and persistence. Two bears that didn't work out is not a really enough to be a track record. Teddy and Nibs are doing a fine job by being not giving up and staying optimistic that Fopsie will find love.

  3. I agree with Anon! Tibs musn't give up now. The point is to get Fopsie to true love, not to give it a go with two bears (who don't work out) and then to quit. They can't quit now!

  4. thanks for cheering Teddy on. She feels there is so much new hope with Herbert