Monday, August 23, 2010

Down To Urth

August 23, 2010
He called! He called! Fopsie was so thrilled when Herbert rang her up for another date. His suggestion: The Urth Cafe on Beverly Drive.
Fops went early and waited for him. She was so nervous she kept reading the menu over and over again.
When he finally arrived he said he was starving and ordered the pesto veggie sandwich. Fops liked that he had a good appetite.
After the meal, Fops sipped on a Chamomile Tea and asked Herbert about his life in England. He said the weather got him down. So much gray.
Fops felt there was something mysterious about Herbert. He didn't talk a lot about himself. His cousin Teddy, on the other hand, always talked about herself. Hmmm.
Any weird thoughts were wiped away when Herbert insisted on treating Fops to a decadent dessert. He seems like such a gentleman. But Fops really wants to learn more...


  1. There is also an Urth Cafe on Melrose Ave...

  2. I go to the Urth Cafe on Beverly and also the one on Main Street in Santa Monica.

    Fopsie should take her time getting to know Herbert. She might as well enjoy the process because it may take some time to get through his British reserve.

  3. jolly good advice I say! Let's hope Herbert does not let her down.... she hasn't even HEARD from Edward...