Monday, August 9, 2010

Herbert Gets Bow Tied

August 9, 2010
Finally, Herbert was allowed to open his gift from Teddy. He was not surprised to find a bow tie! After all, Teddy had been chattering on and on about the importance of bow ties all day.
Still, Herbert thought it was very kind of Teddy to buy him a present. She even helped him put the thing on!
Herbert had to agree with Teddy. The bow tie look was far more sophisticated than the sweater look.
Once Herbert was seated, Teddy had some news for him. "I have a wonderful bear to set you up with," said Teddy. "But you must treat her like a princess!"
Herbert said he was ready. He really wasn't sure if he was ready. After all, he had just landed in America and hadn't even furnished his apartment yet. But Teddy insisted he was ready because he had met all her requirements: he was single, he had a good job and he wasn't planning on moving to Hong Kong anytime soon. Herbert had no idea Teddy was so bossy!


  1. Do you think Teddy is a bossy bear? Or do you think she's very thoughtful?

  2. Teddy is direct, not bossy. She is thoughtful of others because she is mindful of Fopsie's vulnerable emotions right now. Teddy doesn't want Fopsie to have any more bad experiences in her quest for love. Also she doesn't want to mislead Herbert.

  3. good point Anon. Teddy will be thrilled to hear she has a supporter because Nibs tells her all the time to butt out

  4. What a beautiful print (screen?) behind Herbert! Can you tell us more about it?

  5. I don't find Teddy bossy. I would describe her as to-the-point and directive (so I agree with Anon). She simply wants the best for both Herbert and Fopsie! (But, ascertaining whether Herbert is ready to meet someone, so soon after coming to America, is a good question.)