Friday, August 13, 2010

Morning Tiff

August 13, 2010
This morning while the bears were reading the newspaper and sipping coffee, they got into a tiff.
Teddy said that SHE is the one who helped Fopsie find happiness by introducing her to Herbert while Nibs only made mistakes.
Nibs argued back that he contributed to Fopsie's happiness because he set her up with Mr. Brown and Edward, and although those bears didn't work out, they at the very least got Fops used to the idea of dating again.
Teddy said that was a ridiculous argument and that those guys only hurt poor Fops. As you may recall, Mr. Brown already had a girlfriend and Edward had to suddenly move to Hong Kong.
Nibs told Teddy that she must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed and he took off. Poor Teddy. Now she has to spend the day alone!


  1. Do you think Teddy was being rude to Nibs? After all, Nibs DID try to help Fops.

  2. Teddy should be more generous. After all who's to say what effect each encounter had on Fopsie? Maybe Fopsie would not have been able to recognize Herbert's virtues if she had met him before the others. Also Nib's has a point, Fopsie might have given up on the whole dating idea if Nibs had not provided beaus before Herbert showed up.

  3. Yes, you are right Anon. After all, Fops is TEDDY'S friend. She should be grateful Nibs did ANYTHING