Thursday, August 19, 2010

Teddy Delays The Apology

August 19, 2010
Instead of going home to Nibs to make that big apology, Teddy stalled by heading into Cost Plus World Market, just a hop-skip from Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill.
Cost Plus has the best imported candy. Yum yum.
They also sell some pretty fantastic artificial flowers that really, really look real.
The furniture is also imported (thus the name WORLD Market, get it?). This divider would be great in Teddy's living room.
When Teddy tested this chair out she wondered if she could spend the night in the store. It was comfy enough and she was sure no one would notice her.
That way Teddy wouldn't have to go home to face Nibs. She just loathes apologizing!


  1. You would think Teddy would be more mature at her ripe old age of 30, wouldn't you?

  2. How much older is Nibs than Teddy? He seems to always forgive and forget.

  3. Apologizing will make Teddy a bigger bear! (metaphorically, versus literally) :-)

  4. I will pass that on. Teddy has a hard time with these things... she's not sure why.