Monday, August 9, 2010

Goodbye Sweater!

August 9, 2010
Before Herbert was allowed to open his Brooks Brothers box, Teddy told him that he had to get rid of his sweater.
Herbert said it was made with the finest wool England had to offer and was the cool look across the pond.
Teddy said, "Herbert, you're in L.A. now! It's too hot here for sweaters." He guessed she had a point with that.
Herbert was very confused by all this, but listened to Teddy because she was so bossy he was afraid to defy her. "How does Nibs deal with this?" Herbert wondered to himself.


  1. Should Herbert have said no to Teddy?

  2. What would Nibs do? He would follow Teddy's advise. She really knows how to accomplish a makeover sensation.