Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Smooch

August 12, 2010
The call came! Fopsie had another date with Herbert yesterday in the late afternoon. He took her to Palisades Park in Santa Monica to watch the sunset.
Fopsie was nervous. What if Herbert had some bad news for her, like that he was moving back to England?
She fidgeted a lot as they sipped bottled water and looked at the passersby.
After a little walk, Herbert told Fops he was so glad to have met her. He then asked her out for a date on Saturday night!
Fops was so happy she gave him a big smooch on his furry cheek!


  1. was it too early for Fops to have planted a kiss on Herbert?

  2. Fopsie certainly made her feelings known. We will have to see if Herbert is really a gentleman.