Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Teddy Comforts Fopsie

August 3, 2010
Teddy had poor heartbroken Fopsie over last night to talk over her split from Edward. Always prepared, Teddy gave her pal a box of Kleenex and a cocktail.
Fops was taking it hard. Teddy told her over and over she would find Mr. Right eventually and this was just part of the process.
To get her mind off the breakup, Teddy turned on the finale of The Bachelorette.
Teddy was so excited to see who Ali Fedotowsky, who used to live in San Francisco and worked at Facebook, picks. By the way, the bears have their own Facebook page under, you got it, "Teddy and Nibs." Check it out!
Ali chose suave salsa aficionado Roberto from South Carolina! Teddy was happy. Robert had a nice family and he seemed truly genuine. Plus, he had a job (as an insurance agent), which most of the contestants (hello Frank!?) did not.
It was one of the most romantic Bachelorette endings in history. Poor Fops cried through the entire ending using up the box of Kleenex. At the After the Final Rose show, Teddy learned that Ali and Roberto are living in San Diego together and they plan to marry next year. Awww.


  1. Did u like the bach finale? Are u glad Ali chose Roberto?

  2. Would Fopsie ever consider being the next Bachelorette?

  3. Wouldn't that be bear-chlerette? I hope Fopsie's broken heart was encouragedafter watching Ali and Roberto.

  4. Poor Fopsie! I hope she gets over this Edward quickly. Do Teddy and Nibs have another fellow they can set her up with?

  5. Fops ask the Bear-chlette? That is a FABULOUS idea. Let me see if Nibs will pitch it to his pals at ABC!