Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Date For Fopsie and Herbert

August 10, 2010
First meeting! Fopsie was very nervous to meet a third suitor. Third time lucky? Or three strikes and you're out? Herbert called Fopsie up yesterday and asked her to meet him at Chic on Pico Blvd., a French restaurant Nibs had highly recommended.
Herbert was waiting by the front door for Fopsie. She had an instant attraction. She's always liked the swarthy types! Tall, dark and handsome: he fit the bill!
Together they sat at a small table and traded stories. Fopsie was really into Herbert's British accent. And his fancy bow tie!
Fopsie felt so comfortable with Herbert she ordered the Fish N Chips. What an indulgence!
And in a very classy move, Herbert paid the bill as soon as it hit the table. A true gentleman.
Fopsie was so intrigued by Herbert that she totally forgot about her previous dating disasters with Mr. Brown and Edward. Looks like Fops won't be eating Haagen-Dazs in bed tonight.


  1. Do you think Herbert and Fops make a good couple?

  2. What a nice first date! I love how Fopsie ordered the Fish N Chips. Was that a nod to Herbert's British ties?

    Yes, I think they make a lovely couple, but more importantly, do *they* think they make a good couple?! I hope to hear more about this new duo!

  3. Also, I think the bow tie was a smooth move for all concerned. Perhaps it will increase Fopsie's comfort level; she is, after all, used to Nibs' bow tie, and this accessory will feel familiar to her! (even if the effect works subconsciously!)

  4. Good points Sonia. I think Fops really likes this bear. I mean, Edward was cute, but he was cute in a Golden Retriever way. Herbert is more Antonio Banderas-ish. I think a SECOND date is already in the works. Stay tuned....

  5. Or, do you mean Antonio 'Bearderas'? ;-)

  6. hee hee hee
    Bearderas! Good one
    What ever happened to that guy?

  7. I think Herbert and Fopsie make a cute couple. This is a good start but Fopsie has had other good starts and finding that special someone takes time. I am hopeful about this one.