Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nibs Does "Me" Time

August 26, 2010
Last night, with Teddy glued to her Alfred Hitchcock shows, Nibs stepped out for some alone time at the Farmers Market.
"Do you ever just want to wander through a mall and simply look at things?" Nibs asked no one in particular. He had no idea what a Hookah was, but they sure looked cool!
The newsstand caught Nibs' eye. He perused a car magazine. "That's right," thought Nibs, "I've always wanted to buy an old car!" Maybe he should look into that again.
Nibs enjoyed his non-Teddy time (shhh, don't tell her!). He has a thing for history and liked learning about the early days of the Farmers Market.
Afterward, Nibs looked over the old Gilmore gas station they have on display for nostalgia.
Nibs felt so relaxed! He promised himself he would do this more often. Every bear needs a little "me" time.

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