Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Walking In Tiburon

July 6, 2010
After eating that HUGE piece of Princess Cake at Bistro 35, Teddy decided to take a walk down Main Street in Tiburon to help burn that lovely dessert off (Teddy read you can burn 300 calories an hour just by walking!).
What's a trip to Tiburon without a little shopping? (You can burn 200 calories an hour shopping.)
 Teddy liked this sweatshirt. She thought the color could bring out her brown eyes (or would it?).
Teddy was starting to get sleepy and thought a nap was in order so she looked around for Nibs (where is he?) to give her a ride back to the hotel (napping burns only 50 calories an hour but at least it's something!).


  1. Teddy wants to burn some calories before her big bday on Sat!!!

  2. What do the bears have planned for Teddy's birthday?

  3. Big party on Saturday, lots of bears coming