Thursday, July 15, 2010

Teddy Time

July 15, 2010
After throwing that over-the-top birthday party for Teddy, Nibs decided he was just too tired to go out. So Teddy went solo to Le Pain Quotidien on Robertson Blvd.
Teddy loves the menu there, so French.
Teddy did something very unusual: she opted for a healthy arugula and goat cheese salad instead of pancakes. Will Teddy be eating healthier in her 30s? (Hmmm... doubt it!)
Afterwards, Teddy looked at the pastries. She thought it would be a nice touch to bring Nibs home a delicious dessert (she has to be thoughtful some of the time!).
She also perused the chocolate/hazelnut spreads and thought it's better to stock up now... Teddy ALWAYS plans ahead when it comes to sweets!
On Teddy's way out she had a thought: maybe next time she will invite Felicia. She really doesn't get to see her sister enough. Perhaps it's time to end their sibling rivalry and hang out more.


  1. How often do Teddy and Felicia get to see one another? Have they been rivals since they were cubs? I'm eager to hear more!

    Also, what's Teddy's favorite spread at Le Pain Quotidien?

  2. Teddy has not seen much of Felicia in recent years, maybe every 3 months. The rivalry is crazy bad! Yes, it's been going on for years, more on that later. Teddy likes ALL the La Pain spreads....

  3. There has been some upsetting episodes in Teddy's past. So far we have heard about an injury from her cub labor at the bakery and a crazy bad sibling rivalry. Poor Teddy. I am glad Nibs is around to provide stability and love.