Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teddy's Little Black Book

July 20, 2010
All Teddy could think about this morning over her cheese croissant and coffee breakfast is how she can't wait to set Fopsie up with a hot bear!
After the delicious breakfast was consumed Teddy pulled out her Tiffany black address book. Hmmm, which bears does she know that she can introduce to Fops?
There were several male bears listed in Teddy's book (don't tell Nibs), she just wasn't sure if they were already married or not. Teddy will call them and ask. If a bear who sounds like a wife answers, she'll hang up!
Just as Teddy was jotting down some names, Nibs came on the scene. "I thought I was finding a bear for Fopsie," said Nibs. "Can't I help out?" asked Teddy. "Well, I guess, but all your male bear friends are short!" added Nibs.
That Nibs! Always with the comments!!!


  1. Who knew bears have little black books? I'm still trying to wrap my head around bears on Match.com

  2. There are lots of bears on match.com, check it out!