Thursday, July 29, 2010

Edward Dazzles Fopsie

July 29, 2010
It was Teddy's idea that Edward throw an early evening al fresco dinner party at his house so he could meet Fopsie. So last night Teddy and Nibs picked up Fopsie and headed to Edward's place. The table was magnificent! Edward served corn and arugula salad with LaBrea Bakery bread.
Fopsie was nervous. She thought Edward was quite handsome and a good catch indeed!
She was impressed with his floral arrangement. So summery!
Teddy and Nibs were on their best behavior and didn't argue once! Teddy was proud of herself.
By the end of the night Fopsie and Edward had really bonded. Could this be the bear for Fops?
Looks like it!


  1. Happy bears! Looks like they are off to a good start!

  2. Edward has a great place! Fopsie is smart to like a stylish bear like Edward!

  3. Oh dear. After reading that ominous comment above ("it does 'look' that way...) I fear things are a little more complicated.