Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lovely Lappert's

July 8, 2010
With only two days left to Teddy's big birthday dinner party in L.A., Nibs told Teddy this morning, "We gotta go home!" Teddy said fine, she'd pack, but she couldn't part Sausalito without a trip to Lappert's Ice Cream & Yogurt.
Teddy says they make the best mocha fudge ice cream around and she constantly craves it when she's in L.A. Poor Teddy had to wait in line with all the other tourists before she got her scoop.
Ahhh, Teddy finally got her taste of heaven. Sorry, Nibs, no sharing today!

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  1. There are Lappert's in Palm Springs and San Diego.... should I tell Teddy? If I do Nibs will get mad because then he will have to drive Teddy to those locations weekly! Hmmm...