Monday, July 19, 2010

Love Talk

July 19, 2010
Yesterday Teddy and Nibs hit Palisades Park in Santa Monica where temperatures were in the low 80s thanks to a cooling marine layer. They brought a picnic and enjoyed the outdoors. Simple pleasures are what life is all about. Sometimes. (Splurging at Nordys is also good.)
They brought along with them Fopsie, who wanted some fresh air as well. Nibs took this opportunity to ask Fopsie what she was looking for in a bear since he was now in charge of finding her a beau, per Teddy's orders. Nibs didn't mind taking on the "older brother" role to dear old Fops.
Nibs told Fops he'd love to set her up with some of his friends, but she needed to tell him exactly what she was looking for. For example, Nibs knew he wanted a non-career-oriented mate. That's why he fell so hard for Teddy! She's never wanted to work a day in her life, and Nibs is more than fine with that because that affords them lots of leisure time together.
Fops was surprised at Nibs' admission. Most potential bear husbands want their potential bear wives to have solid jobs. Hmmm. Fops had a lot to mull over so she looked at the Pacific Ocean for clarity. She knows she at least wants a husband who's as tall as she! (Fops is tall by bear standards. So that rules out Barclay.) She also prefers a non-smoker. And if she can find it, a Capricorn. Fops is very into astrology and thinks her ideal mate would be a Cap.


  1. SBB (Single Brown Bear) looking for love! Should Fopsie go on

  2. For now I think Fopsie should let her friends set her up. After all they know her and have more insight into who would make a good match. It will be fun for us too. We will get to meet some of Nibs' friends.