Thursday, December 16, 2010

Memory Lane In San Francisco

December 16, 2010
Felicia couldn't visit San Francisco without dropping by the old apartment building she used to share with her older sister Teddy. After graduating from high school in Santa Barbara, Teddy thought they should move North to find some rich husbands. They shared a studio apartment near bustling Union Street.
This is the coffee shop they would hit every morning for a cup of Joe. Teddy always got whipped cream on top of her coffee drink. And chocolate sprinkles. And caramel drizzle. That Teddy loves her sugar!
Sometimes they'd have a sidewalk lunch on Union Street, where they'd girl talk. They used to get along really well back then. Felicia doesn't know when Teddy turned so cranky and bossy.
At night they'd hang out Balboa Cafe Bar & Grill in "The Triangle" section of the Marina. Teddy was convinced she'd find a wealthy bear there. Little did she know then that she'd find her Sugar Daddy (Nibs) years later back in her hometown of Santa Barbara!
Felicia isn't like Teddy. She's no gold digger. But she wouldn't mind meeting a nice bear to fall in love with. Which brings us back to Felicia's ex Sebastian. She's still too nervous to call him.


  1. No wonder Teddy likes to go back to SF so often! It's her old stomping grounds.

  2. I really like Felicia's introspective strolls down memory lane. So much revealed about the sisters' history! I had a good chuckle over the hunt for rich husbands.