Monday, December 13, 2010

Felicia Skips Town

December 13, 2010
All of a sudden, Felicia felt like she had to get away from Teddy and her craziness so she booked a quick trip to San Francisco through Virgin America. Sometimes, sisters can be over-BEAR-ing!
It has been a while since Felicia flew but she was looking forward to getting up in the air and, in a way, rising above all this Endora/Teddy/Herbert/Fopsie drama.
Once on the plane, Felicia started to wonder if she should look up her ex, Sebastian, once she hit the City By The Bay.
It is the holiday season, after all. Isn't that the right time to look up old friends? Or, should we say, old flames?


  1. I am learning so much about bear behavior. When faced with a possibly awkward social situation, the bear will get out of town without leaving any word, check into a nice hotel, and lay low for a few days until the bear begins to feel lonely. Then she (or he -- remember Nibs and the Century City Hotel?) will return to the bear group.

  2. YOU GOT IT!
    The bears don't really like TOO much confrontation

  3. Wow! Looks like "skipping town," or getting a way for a few days, is a family trait! I had no idea! It's natural that she needed to decompress from Teddy's drama. A sister can only take so much, apparently.

    Now, who's this old flame of Felicia's? Who is this "Sebastian" and what's the story there?