Friday, December 3, 2010

Teddy Asks Herbert A Tough Question

December 3, 2010
With Aunt Endora on her case, Teddy asked for a walk in the park with her cousin Herbert to talk things over.
Teddy explained that Endora--Herbert's mother who lives in England--wants info on Fopsie.
"Ugh, she's so meddlesome!" said Herbert. "She's your mother, she wants to know what's going on," insisted Teddy. "I think Fopsie wants to know what's going on too," added Teddy. "Are you going to marry her or what?"


  1. Leave it to Teddy to ask the tough questions. Good for Teddy to step up for Fopsie.

  2. That Teddy LOVES to get involved....

  3. How long do courtships among bears generally last? I'm eager to know what Herbert's feelings on all of this are. Is he marriage-minded? I hope he doesn't see himself as the consummate bachelor - Fopsie will be heartbroken!!!

  4. Bears usually wed after 3 months of courtship... they move faster than humans generally