Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aunt Endora IS Coming To Town

December 8, 2010
To calm Teddy's frayed nerves, Felicia put in a long-distance call to Aunt Endora to, hopefully, learn that she was not flying to Los Angeles to visit her son Herbert for the holidays.
Endora answered on the first ring (she's very Type A). "Yes I am coming to Los Angeles. I need to check on my son!" barked Endora. "And I want to meet this Fopsie girl."
Felicia was in shock! SHOCK! And she trembled a wee bit. You see, Endora wasn't only hard on Teddy; she was also hard on Felicia, always telling her that her fur was too scruffy and needed straightening and that her claws needed a manicure.
Trembling with fear, Teddy and Felicia had to sit down to hash out a plan on how to deal with the Evil Aunt. Gulp!


  1. How do you deal with ur difficult relatives who visit during the holidays?

  2. The sisters better get busy prepping Fopsie. Poor Fopsie, she already was a nervous wreck but now having to deal with Herbert's mother? Maybe she needs to have that heart to heart talk with him before she has to endure such an emotional ordeal!!

  3. That Felicia is pretty cute.

  4. What's happening with the girls? I am waiting in suspense to hear what is going on.

  5. I think the girls can deal with Aunt Endora as a team! Maybe together, they can think of clever (yet polite) come-backs to any comments she might make, e.g., about somebody's fur, or what-not. And will they know what the deal between Fopsie and Herbert is before Aunt E. will? Can't wait!!