Monday, February 28, 2011

Emily Maynard Wins The Bachelor!

February 28, 2011
Teddy was shocked to read on Reality Steve's blog today that he was "sorry" when he insisted FOR MONTHS that Chantal O'Brien won The Bachelor because... drum roll please... he was led astray by a "source." Talk about scandalous.
Reality Steve just learned this morning that sweet Southern Belle Emily Maynard, 24, from Charlotte, North Carolina, wins. He goofed! Big time! (But what if he's wrong again? Hmmm...)
Emily is the girl who lost her race car driver fiance Ricky in a plane crash. She still wears his engagement ring and can't stop talking about him!
She also has a daughter with the late dude, who she aptly named "Ricki Jr." Last week on the "Hometown Dates" Brad gifted Ricki Jr. with a butterfly kite and they kind of bonded.
That's poor Chantal in the red dress. And that's the winner Emily in the blue number. Shawntel, on the far right, was kicked off last week. And Teddy thinks the dentist (the little one in the white frock) gets the cut tonight.
What do you think of Emily being Brad's fiancee? Teddy isn't sure it'll work because Emily seems like she has stars in her eyes, as in she wants to be famous. But, really, who doesn't these days? To read Reality Steve's apology go to:


  1. Teddy needs a good beating, Emily is totally genuine and not there for fame... Michelle on the other hand may have been.

  2. Hey, Teddy. I just wanted to make clear. I did not write that above comment. It was another Anonymous. I would NEVER hurt you!

  3. Maybe I should have another profile name so there is no mix up with other Anonymous comments.

  4. No worries! Everyone should share their crazy comments. Hey, did you see the cover of InTouch this morning? It says Emily is a gold digger and has had a fling with a celebrity. Ouch. So if anyone thought Teddy's post was mean, check out that magazine. It's a full out attack! Now I feel sorry for Emily...

  5. Did anyone wonder why Emily didn't introduce her real family to Brad? Her parents, divorced, and dad lives in West Virginia, has given her everything and she's turned her back on him.

    We saw him walking around the Morgantown Mall with little Ricki Jr. last month.