Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Little Romance

February 8, 2011
Yesterday Teddy wanted to put a little of the romance back in her relationship with Nibs so she took him to Palisades Park, their favorite chill-out spot.
Away from all the pressures of being a Beverly Hills bear, Teddy really unwound and Nibs made her laugh on several occasions, like when he climbed a tree (it helps to have sharp claws).
Though Nibs is in his 30s, he's still in excellent shape. Teddy couldn't climb the tree (though she didn't really try) but she had fun watching Nibs do it.
Awww, the fresh sea air (that's the Pacific Ocean below) felt good on Teddy's fur. Sadly, Teddy spotted no dolphins.
The sunset made Teddy speechless (a rarity!). Teddy doesn't always like living in Los Angeles, but on days like these how can you not?
When is the last time you watched the sun set?

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  1. I often see the sunset but not under ideal circumstances. Usually it is from the inside of my car on a westward-bound freeway.