Friday, February 4, 2011

Taylor OUT of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

February 4, 2011
As of last night, Teddy was still feeling down over the fact that her favorite show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, would not be coming back on the air for a few months. And she's sad that it looks like Taylor Armstrong may not be returning. Weep weep. To perk herself up, Teddy made her favorite dessert: brownies a la mode.
First she started with a homemade brownie that Nibs baked for her the previous evening. He uses Ghirardelli chocolate. That Nibs is so nice!
Then she heaps on a LARGE scoop of Dreyer's vanilla ice cream.
"Don't forget to drizzle the dessert with Hershey's chocolate syrup," says Teddy. "If you do forget, you will be very sad."
Voila! Dessert a la Teddy. Phooey. She forgot to make one for Nibs. Oh well. He's a grown bear. He can make his own....!


  1. Does Nibs make homemade brownies or does he use Trader Joe's Brownie Mix? I know that Teddy is a fan of Trader Joe's brownies.

  2. this time Nibs used Ghiradelli box mix.
    Teddy requested it
    she likes Trader Joe's too but sometimes that zany bear switches it up!