Monday, February 21, 2011

Chantal O'Brien Wins The Bachelor!

February 20, 2011
Teddy is just as surprised by this news as you are. Being a rabid The Bachelor fan, she surfed the net for any shred of news and read that Chantal, the brunette who slightly looks like actress Marion Cotillard if you squint, gets proposed to by Texan doofus Brad Womack. Teddy's source?
Here is Chantal below. Her daddy owns a car dealership in Seattle. Chantal has cried a lot throughout the season (new episode airs TONIGHT) but she's stopped once in a while to admit to Brad that she's fallen in love with him. Poor girl! Brad seems like a major player to Teddy and is FAR from Nibs material.
The audience is being led to believe that Brad is interested only in blonde Southern Belle Emily, who lost her fiance in a plane crash only days before finding out she was pregnant with the man's baby! (Dramatic or what?). Teddy thinks Brad likes the way Emily looks (some blogs claim she's had tons of surgery done and her teeth are fake), but she's not strong enough for him.
Also still in the running is Shawntel, who Teddy thinks is a very cool chick because she works at a funeral home embalming corpses! But Teddy can tell that Brad is not completely in to her. On the hometown date, which airs this evening, he seems sicked out by her chosen profession.
Sure, The Bachelor is corny, Teddy knows that, but it's harmless fluff. And the locations are eye-popping--it's like you can travel while sitting on your couch. Check out the coastline of Anguilla below, where Brad took the hopefuls last week....
Teddy is so grateful that she didn't have to go on a reality show like The Bachelor and hope to be picked by a man. Lucky for her, Nibs walked into her life while she was working at a bakery in Santa Barbara 10 years ago and just asked her out on a date. Yes, Teddy is truly one of the lucky bears in this world.

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