Friday, February 11, 2011


February 11, 2011
Happy Friday! Last night Teddy saw a scarrrrrry movie: 1976's Grizzly!
It was about a crazed grizzly bear that hunted people at a campground. He started with this young beauty.
Oh no, there goes her arm! The Grizzly Bear swatted it off with his paw in one strike (Teddy would never do that).
Here's the Grizzly. He has a large mouth! Funny how today a Grizzly Bear would never be portrayed as the Jaws of the woods.
A mean old man hunted down the poor Grizzly and blew him up (in the end credits the producers insist no bears were harmed in the making of this film). Bad human!
The ending was sad, but Teddy will see any movie with a bear in it. Click this link to see the campy poster:


  1. Love the poster! I have a movie suggestion for Teddy. Has she seen "The Bear" a French film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud? It's a favorite of mine.

  2. Anon, thanks for the suggestion. I will try to rent it... NetFlix? I hope it isn't super sad and a poor bear gets killed or starves to death. Teddy and I can't take that stuff. We can't handle seeing bears in PAIN!

  3. Oh ANON! this film is about hunters trying to kill a baby bear. Teddy and I SIMPLY CANNOT handle it!!! from imdb
    "The director of Quest for Fire creates yet another film in nature with almost no human dialogue in this picturesque story of an orphaned bear cub who is adopted by an adult male bear and must avoid hunters. Bart the Bear stars in this anthropomorphic fantasy." Written by Keith Loh

  4. No, no. It is a warm and cuddly adventure. The cub is orphaned when his mother is dies in accident and he is left to fend for himself. Meanwhile the hunters have wounded the adult bear who escapes. The cub befriends the big bear by licking his wounds and the big bear and cub become companions. Later the hunters pursue the bears. the big bear hides the cub in a cave while he lures the hunters' dogs away. The hunters find the cub and take him back to their campsite.

    The next day the hunters separate and the younger hunter gets cornered by the big bear who in an act of mercy, leaves the hunter scared but not hurt. The younger hunter stops the older hunter from shooting the bear. They let the cub go and ride off.

    Later the cub is trapped by a cougar and the big bear rescues him by chasing the cougar off. The two bears make their way to a cave to hibernate for the winter. (Wikipedia helped my memory here.)

    I think Teddy will adore this movie. The cub is sooooo cute. It definitely is an animal-lover's movie! I hope Teddy will give it a chance. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a LOT rougher!