Monday, September 27, 2010

A Walk In The Park...

September 27, 2010
Over the weekend Fopsie ignored Edward's calls so she could spend some quality time with Herbert!
Together they did all kinds of fun things, the best being a nice long walk in the park where they held paws.
Fopsie never had the guts to tell Herbert that her ex Edward was back in town and calling her nonstop.
She wonders if Herbert will get upset if he perchance finds out about her secret meeting with Edward.... She'll have to call Teddy for advice. Or maybe Nibs. He seems to have the more sage input.


  1. what would YOU do? Is it good to keep secrets from your mate? Or should u tell him/her everything?

  2. Fopsie should not be afraid to tell Herbert because nothing happened. She can just say that her ex was back in town and called her and that she told him she already had a boyfriend. Then she should tell Herbert how much he means to her.

  3. good advice. but i worry Herbert may have a crazy side. after all, he IS related to Teddy!

  4. As much as I want this to work out for Fopsie, I am curious to see if Herbert does have a Teddy side to him.

  5. they are such a cute couple! more of them please! I hope Herbert doesn't have too much teddy in him. love Teddy, but...