Thursday, September 2, 2010

Teddy Cleans Up!

September 2, 2010
The bears had a "talk" about that scratch Teddy put on Nibs' Mercedes-Benz, which resulted in a deal: to make up for her blunder, Teddy would clean the house for one week, letting their maid go on vacation.
Teddy hasn't cleaned anything since her pre-Nibs days when she worked in a bakery in Santa Barbara. That's where Nibs found her and saved her from a life of minimum wage!
Teddy was pretty grumpy about all the work she had to do, but then she put on the new Katy Perry CD and lightened up.
By late morning, she was kind of into it. Look how sparkly their pewter vase turned out after some of Teddy's elbow grease!


  1. doesn't Teddy look chic in her maid bandana?

  2. That's the first thing I noticed, how cute she looks wearing that headgear.

  3. Teddy is such a hard worker!
    Go Teddy!