Wednesday, September 1, 2010

9021PHO Date Night

September 1, 2010
While Teddy and Nibs squabbled over the scratch on Nibs' Benz, Fopsie was getting on with her life nicely. Herbert called for yet another date and last night they met up at Beverly Hills' 9021PHO (Herbert's suggestion).
Herbert was very cordial and said he missed Fops. It had been a week since their last date. So romantic!
Fops said she didn't know what to order because she wasn't used to having Vietnamese food.
Herbert said not to worry and he ordered them up a plate of Cilantro Chicken with Brown Rice. Deee-licious!
Luckily, the conversation was much easier this time around and Herbert went on and on about his boarding school upbringing in Bedfordshire, England. Fopsie was intrigued! He said he had to wear a uniform and everything...

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  1. Glad to see that Herbert is opening up to Fopsie.