Friday, September 3, 2010

Teddy Still Cleaning...

September 3, 2010
No rest for the weary! Teddy was back to cleaning today, this time tackling the guest bathroom.
Teddy had no idea just how much dirt builds up!
She's going to give her maid a raise. This work is back breaking for a little bear.
And how do cobwebs form over night? Teddy is flabbergasted by it all. But she remains cool under pressure. And chic! Today Teddy has on her Kate Spade silk scarf. You like?


  1. teddy has 5 more days of cleaning. can she make it?

  2. Does she have five more stylish scarfs? Only Teddy can make housecleaning chic.

  3. Teddy has about THREE DOZEN more scarfs. Will roll them out as time goes on ;)