Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Teddy Goes Back

September 7, 2010
Over Labor Day weekend, Nibs took Teddy back to Andersens, the bakery she used to work at in Santa Barbara (you know, the one where she got her paw stuck in the bread machine). Nibs thought it would be good therapy for her to go back and see how far she's come since her bread making days.
Teddy was very nervous, but once she entered the place she realized that it was completely different, like new decor and staff. She relaxed a bit.
Teddy looked at the menu but wasn't interested in lunch. She just wanted a pastry. Sheesh, she thought. This bakery wasn't as scary as she had remembered.
Teddy looked over the pastry case and was delighted to see they still had all her favorites!
While Nibs sipped coffee, Teddy nibbled on a marzipan cake. Soooo yummy.
Teddy felt cured! Her bad feelings about her old life drifted away as she got lost in her cake and coffee. What a great day for this bear.


  1. Thank you for sharing some of Teddy's history with us. Smart Nibs, he knows what cures Teddy.