Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello Camarillo!

September 9, 2010
On the way home from Santa Barbara, Teddy made Nibs stop at the Camarillo Outlets off the 101 Highway.
Teddy cannot pass up a deal, ever! Can you blame her?
There were all kinds of end-of-summer deals at this massive outlet that has everything from a Saks Fifth Avenue shop to a sunglasses store.
Only two hours in Nibs said, "That's it, I'm done! No more shopping!"
Teddy was NOT pleased, but she managed to use her fine negotiating skills to talk Nibs into waiting at least another 45 minutes for Teddy to finish up her shopping.
Nibs caved in, allowing Teddy to make at least one wonderful purchase at Villery & Boch. Soon they were on their way back to L.A. in the Benz Teddy so memorably scratched just weeks ago...

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