Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tea Talk

September 23, 2010
Last night a distressed Fopsie--who's caught in a bizarre love triangle between Edward and Herbert--stopped by Teddy's house for some tea and sympathy.
Teddy immediately went on her lecture, telling Fopsie that Herbert was the better bear because he's been there the whole time for her. (Besides, he's Teddy's cousin so obviously she's going to plug him.)
Fopsie said she is truly torn between two bears: Herbert is kind and dapper, but Edward was her first love.
Just as the girls were talking, Nibs popped in, offering his two cents. Sounding a little like Yoda, Nibs said, "Fopsie, you must search your heart. Therein lies the answer."
"Nibs, um, don't you have a football game to watch or something?" an irritated Teddy asked.


  1. Teddy bakes those cookies herself. Wonder if she will give poor Fops food poisoning again!!!??

  2. Poor Nibs. Good advice but no one is ready to listen to him.

  3. Has Fopsie agreed to be exclusive with Herbert?

  4. that's a really good question Sonia, I will have to ask. I am guessing yes. Bears like to be platonic, they normally don't date around a lot. I think Fops is meeting with Herbert tonight for a "talk"