Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Cereal, New Idea

September 29, 2010
This morning over cereal (Cap N Crunch has a new low sugar variety called Crunch Treasures that Teddy just had to try), Teddy again broached the subject of Fopsie's happiness.
Nibs said that Fopsie has chosen Herbert and that's that and Teddy should butt out.
Then Teddy surprised Nibs. "Maybe I should set Edward up with one of my bear friends?" she asked. Nibs said, "No Teddy , please no, no, no! No more drama."
After Nibs left the table Teddy sat there sipping her coffee, wondering who Edward might like...


  1. Crunch Treasures sound good, but they really aren't that good. Cap N Crunch just isn't the same without those gallons of sugar...

  2. Anything with LOW SUGAR printed on the box is just plain boring. We are Americans. we NEED our sugar!!!

  3. I think it's great that Teddy wants those around her to feel the love and happiness that she feels. But, we know that Edward apparently still has strong feelings for Fopsie! Perhaps he needs time and space to cool his feelings, and to get over Fopsie. If Teddy sets him up while he's on the rebound, who knows what could happen?! Maybe Teddy can invite Edward to go out on the town with her and Nibs so that he can bear-watch, and see that there are lots of other bears in the forest (so to speak). :-)

  4. good point Sonia! there are lots of other bears in the forest! :)