Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teddy Calling!

September 21, 2010
This morning Teddy decided to get to the bottom of the Herbert-Fopsie-Edward love triangle. Nibs told her maybe it would be best if she stayed out of it. But that Teddy, she never listens to her Nibs.
Teddy called Fopsie at work (yes, poor Fops is a 9-5'er), at home and on her cell. No answer.
This is quite mysterious. Fopsie has never avoided Teddy before. Hmmm... Teddy promises to get to the bottom of this!


  1. I remember that song.

    It looks like Fopsie is avoiding Teddy's calls. She has a lot to figure out and maybe is afraid that Teddy will be upset with her if she chooses Edward over Teddy's cousin. Awkward. Teddy and Nibs are learning the drawbacks of matchmaking friends.

  2. Jenny's number! The artist is Tommy Tutone. Haha, I guess watching those one-hit-wonder countdowns on VH1 with Kath eventually pays off! :D

  3. Emmi Jade, u r so right! Love that song. I read somewhere that people still call that number, no matter what area code!