Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Teddy Takes State Street!

September 8, 2010
After her pastry pause, Teddy took to State Street in Santa Barbara with vigor. Her first stop was the fabulous Coach outlet.
So many fun styles to check out!
Nibs waited patiently outside while Teddy perused the new purses.
She settled on a pink wallet, a gift for her friend Madeline who has a birthday coming up.
The prices are incredible and Teddy, that savvy bear, even managed to get an extra 20% off.
The sales lady was very nice but said not a lot of bears shop on State Street. Hmmm, weird, thought Teddy.

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  1. Teddy,
    She is wrong, I'm sure some native Californians shop State St. all the time. Aren't they also known as bears? ;-)