Friday, September 17, 2010

Edward's Back In Town

September 17, 2010
Yesterday Fopsie got a call from Edward. He's back from Hong Kong. For good. Edward begged her to meet him at his pad for "a talk."
After she listened to how he didn't like Hong Kong because of the smog and overpopulation, he said, "Fops, I missed you greatly."
Fops was shocked. "But Edward, I already met someone new!" she told him. "A wonderful bear named Herbert. I'm so sorry. But it's too late for us." She was so nervous she kept eating the mini pretzels he had put out.
Edward said he was crushed, but that he understood. "If you ever split with Herbert, please give me a call," Edward said, and he gave her a sad hug goodbye.
Fopsie's heart was heavy. She never expected this turn of events. Should she tell Teddy?


  1. Can Teddy be discrete? If so, then I think she can share with Teddy.

  2. Ooo this is getting complicated.

  3. Sonia, Teddy cannot be discrete, she's incapable of it