Friday, September 24, 2010

Fopsie Strolls The Crate

September 24, 2010
With her love life weighing heavy on her mind, Fopsie decided to take a stroll through her favorite store, Crate & Barrel in Beverly Hills.
She looked at the new green and blue bowls and browsed the catalog...
...then hit up the cooking aisle...
Fopsie then started to think about Herbert and how fun it would be if he were there too because he loves to cook... Wait a sec, Fopsie realized that her mind was on HERBERT, not EDWARD. This was a sign! Finally, a sign! Nibs was right, search your heart and therein you will find the answer!


  1. Should Fopsie confess to Herbert that she secretly met with Edward? Or should she keep that quiet?

  2. fops and i could totally hang, we like to do the same things