Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fopsie Can't Sleep

September 22, 2010
Ever since she met up with Edward at his house in L.A. last week, Fopsie has not been able to sleep a wink.
Fopsie needed a friend to talk this over with. She thought of calling Teddy but then worried that her BFF might get mad because, after all, Herbert is her cousin. Won't Teddy be mad that Fopsie went behind Herbert's back to see an ex?
After a while, Fopsie decided to call Teddy. If she yells, she yells. If Teddy gets too crazy Fopsie will just say she has another call on the other line.
Fopsie was nervous and her paws even started to sweat a little.


  1. I think Teddy will be understanding, even though Herbert is her cousin. Teddy's her friend, after all, and Fopsie's reaching out to her for help!

  2. maybe. Teddy always wants what TEDDY WANTS! No one knows how Nibs puts up with it