Monday, April 19, 2010

Palace Of Fine Arts

April 19, 2010
Last night, just as the sun was setting in San Francisco, Teddy and Nibs visited the Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina.

Teddy remembers the Palace from a scene in her favorite movie, Vertigo. It's where Jimmy Stewart's and Kim Novak's characters go for a walk on one of their strange dates.

The Palace was built in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exposition. The architectural design is borrowed from traditional Greek and Roman buildings. Pretty!

In the 1960s the Palace was refurbished and polished up. The Exploratorium, which is a science museum, was added later.

The Palace is home to lots of critters: Teddy spied turtles, swans, ducks and butterflies near the lake.

Teddy and Nibs have really been enjoying their San Francisco trip. Too bad it has to end soon. Weep weep.


  1. The Palace is not far from the Yacht Club, fyi.

  2. Teddy is looking very well! Glad to see she has recovered from her chocolate hangover.

    ...still hoping I can meet the bears some time soon in "person"! When will they return from their Bay Area adventure?

  3. they should be flying back tomorrow. let's hope teddy can stay away from any chocolate hangovers so she's well enough for the flight home