Friday, April 9, 2010

Balboa Cafe

April 9, 2010
With Teddy sick to her stomach from all the chocolate she ate yesterday (she even consumed the Turtles intended for Nibs), our favorite bow-tied bear hit the town alone. He had always heard Balboa Cafe on Fillmore Street in the Marina section of San Francisco was full of friendly folks.

Nibs asked for a shot of Coca-Cola to get going. The bartender was nice. Some guy from Boston.

Nibs learned this section of the city is called "The Golden Triangle" because there are three bars on each corner in this small, cramped intersection. That's why it's called a "triangle."

Teddy would like this place, thought Nibs.


  1. Coke-a-cola is good for upset tummies, too. (And tastestest better than Tums. kehehehehe)

    Does everyone behind a counter in San Francisco come from the east coast?