Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back in L.A... And Hungry

April 22, 2010
This morning Teddy woke up in her own bed. It felt good to be back in L.A. But Teddy could not face her kitchen. So she went to Ugo in Culver City for some much needed sustenance.

Ugo has a wonderful selection of pastries. Teddy managed to use her will power to stay away from them. After all, it's still morning!

What to order? Teddy wanted the waffles, but remembered she should try to be a little healthy today.

Ugo's coffee is outstanding. Almost as good as Rulli's.

Teddy was so pleased with herself for choosing eggs, wheat toast and fruit. Nibs would be proud. Uh-oh. Where's Nibs? Oops. Teddy left him at home by accident.

She better bring him home some breakfast. That Teddy!

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  1. why is teddy so absent minded? maybe she should see a doctor