Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nibs Wants A Wreck

April 27, 2010
Call it a mid-life crisis or call it just being a male. But Nibs wants to buy a vintage automobile. This morning he saw this classic black beauty on his way to an appointment.

It's in good shape. Nibs wondered if the owner would want to sell.

What would Teddy think? She might not be too happy to have an oldie in their driveway.

With all Nibs puts up with from Teddy (hello? After her last blowup he was forced to fly to San Francisco!) he thinks she should allow him to splurge on a second car.

Hmmm... something to contemplate.


  1. It's a Chevy and it kind of looks like the Batmobile, no?

  2. Vintage? Those were normal when I was young. That can't be "vintage." ;)

    Mommy of The Teddy Bear Family