Saturday, April 10, 2010

Charming Sausalito

April 10, 2010
Teddy slept in today so Nibs went for a stroll through picturesque downtown Sausalito. Bridgeway Street is lined with ice cream stores and souvenir shops.

Sausalito Market on Caledonia Street is old-school. Even the staffers have been around for decades!

Nibs enjoyed this store, Burlwood Gallery, the most because it's totally and utterly unique. Carved wood coffee table anyone?

There's nothing like an early morning stroll before the tourists come out. Wait a sec. Nibs is a tourist! Sometimes he feels like a local.


  1. If u ever want to stay in Sausalito, there are many cute inns and hotels, just go to

  2. We didn't know Sausolito was a place to live. Always seems like part of a line in a joke. Sorta like our city - Philadelphia!

    As for getting up early - everybody in our family, but Mommy, likes to do that. So we spend many mornings waiting around for Mommy to wake up. And then she takes forever....

    Whoops. Mommy is our typist. She saw that and is reminding us what we just wrote about telling negative things online about wominz. Nevermind. Mommy is perfect just the way she is. (Mommy is hearing some snickering.)

  3. be careful bears! don't want to make mommies upset....